Software: animation functions in Adobe Flash Professional and Adobe Photoshop

I was working on a project outside of uni recently, where I had to use Flash Professional to animate some sample sequences. I like the concept of Flash: it’s a computer software, but it animates two-dimensional objects. The program uses vectors, and allows the animator to lock down key points in keyframes. The software will then create the inbetween frames for the animation, although this has yet to happen smoothly for me. Most of the time there’s a lot of correction, and I’m not completely sure whether it’s worth the effort to spend half your time drawing and half adjusting vectors, and save a little bit of time, or to just draw everything out yourself. The last option carries less tension and hatred towards machinery. But I do like Flash, with the exception of this tiny glitch.

Then you have photo animation in Photoshop, which is simple, but comes with restrictions. For the animator, Photoshop is not that much more than a digitalized drawing board. I personally prefer it, but I’m also curious to learn the functions of other animation software.