Framing the action

Framing the action

My trip to Venice was inevitably inspiring. On the first day, I found myself snapping pictures of every single thing I saw, be it textures, dogs, or water ripples. Later that night, with the burden of a full memory card, I decided to go through the painful process of deleting some of my least favourite snaps. This turned out to be easy.

venice 15 uncut tagged venice 14 uncut tagged

Captions: photographs from day 1.

I found that most pictures did not resemble the things I had seen. Each image presented facts of Venice, all beautiful in themselves, but they failed to communicate the feeling of the city. – And, the appeal of the moment that led my to take the photographs. I realized that I was starring at cinematically dead imagery.

The following day, I started considering how to frame the action. Before taking a picture, I asked myself what I would like the picture to convey. When returning home for show and tell, how could the photographs speak for themselves (aka convey jealousy to those who said Venice wasn’t worth visiting)? All in all, the resulting photos came out far greater and readable than those from the first day. And, I got some practice in seeing the world through the camera, which gave lots of inspiration for the soon-to-being storyboard stage.

venice 04 - tagged _DSC0945 copy_DSC0923

Captions: photographs after reconsidering how to frame the action. Admittedly a bit cropped.