Event: Visual Effects Masterclass with Paul Franklin

What I found incredibly interesting about this talk, was the discussion of how the dream world of Inception (2010, dir. Christopher Nolan) was created. The director wanted it to be a big city, but a run-down rather than glamorous one. It also needed to be close by a beach. The beach was edited in, if I remember correctly.

There was also talk about a new computer software they developed in order to have buildings ‘rising’ in conjunction with the characters’ mind control. I thought it was fascinating how they built a sample library of architectural frameworks through polygonal models (if I remember correctly), and somehow managed to program these to ‘reproduce’.

The scene where a fruit market blows up was discussed in great detail. Franklin explained how, through a collaboration with Special Effects, they achieved a high quality result. Basically, Special Effects would create smaller explosions which were safe enough to have the actors in the shot. Visual effects would then take this footage and play around with it: multiply objects, edit the speed to create fictional gravity, and enhance the feel of the event by compositing.