1. Summary

Set Design for Screen is a pathway that supplies students with skills within film and television production. Most of the weight lies on Art Direction, which determines colour, style, and overall flow of a production, and Production Design, which takes these elements and creates a fictional world, or re-creates a previous one, for a story to be filmed in. In the aspect of designing for the screen, the quality of a design depends solely on how it is portrayed through camera.

As previous projects have been live-action related, I am curious to see how elements learned will match or differ in designing for animation. This academic year, my studio practice will explore how to go about designing for the animated medium. Through Production Design, Art Direction, Character Design, script and story development, I aim to produce a pitch for an animated feature.

Characters are a crucial part of television production. The live-action media is claimed to produce poor body image in its audience by presenting a limited variation of the ideal beauty. It appears that animated heroines are locked to a similar prototype. My dissertation explores to what extent an ideology of character design is applied, or not applied, and argues that the individualization of animated heroines should be portrayed not only through style, behaviour and accessories, but, as their surrounding characters, also through their body shape. In my studio project, I want my characters to respond to the supposed prototype, exemplifying that beautiful characters can vary in shape.



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